Victor Molero was born of the old artisan family of Granada, Andalusia. Since the early years he has been surrounded by the creative people, crafts, art and almost literally was raised in the furniture workshop. Family and the life in the picturesque and architecturally diverse Granada inspired him to begin his Fine Arts studies in Madrid. At the same time Victor Molero enrolled for a course in the Royal School of Theatre. 

Being not sure at first, he started his career both in theatre and cinema. Step by step movie sets became the place, where all Victor‘s best ideas were born. Victor Molero chose to stick with the movie art department and employed the moving images for convincing visual storytelling. 

As a production designer Victor Molero collaborated on more than 22 movies as a production designer and in 9 films as an art director. Knowledge in Spanish language and background gave him a chance to start working with such Spanish directors as Julio Medem, Rodrigo Cortes, Iciar Bollain and Pedro Almodovar. 

In 2001 Victor Molero was Almodovar‘s movie‘s „Talk to Her“ set decorator, after 3 years he was offered an art director‘s chair in „Bad Education“ and in 2009 Victor became a production designer for Almodovar‘s film „Broken Embraces“. „Talk to Her“ was nominated for more than 40 awards worldwide and won a Golden Globe in the „Best Foreign Language Film“ category and an Oscar for the best writing. For the last 6 years Victor Molero has been working for BBC productions in UK. As a production designer he contributed to 16 TV films and a few features „The Go-Between“ (2014), „The Rack Pack“ (2015) and „City of Tiny Lights“ (2016).

Victor Molero believes that the last years has been the most prolific period of his entire career and is not willing to stop. Three of his latest movies are still on their way to the screens: „Down a Dark Hall“ by a director Rodrigo Cortes, „Beats“ by Brian Welsh and „The Kill Team“ by Dan Krauss.

Victor Molero

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