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Victor Molero was born to an artisan family in Granada, Andalusia. Since the beginning he was surrounded by creative people, crafts and art, he was literally raised in the furniture workshop belonging to his great, great grandfather.


It was family, environment and the architectural diversity of Granada that inspired him to begin his Fine Arts studies in Madrid. At the same time Victor Molero enrolled at the Royal School of Theatre. 


Victor started his career in both theatre and cinema. Step by step movie sets became the place where all of Victor's best ideas were born and where his storytelling came to life.


In 2001 Victor Molero started working with Almodovar, on movies such as Talk to Her, Bad Educations and Broken Embraces. As Production Designer Victor has collaborated on more than 26 projects, and as Art Director he has delivered 10 films. Victor has worked with directors such as Rodrigo Cortes, Julio Medem, Pedro Almodovar, Gideon Raff and J Blakeson.


The last few years have been the most prolific, having worked across British, US and Spanish film industry, and he’s only just getting started.

Download CV:

Víctor Molero

Production Designer

UnitedAgents/Silvia Llaguno/UK

APA/Julian Savodivker/US




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